I’m Marianela. I write about all kinds of stuff — architecture, culture, books, politics — in all kinds of combinations.

My first-ever writing gig, at 18, was for a now-defunct music blog. When the website was redesigned a few years later, all my writing for that blog disappeared from the Internet. That experience taught me a lot about how I cope with loss, about what feeds my ego, about how I protect myself in situations out of my control. I also learned how to write about music.

So, this newsletter is about those two things: feelings and music. I’m not interested in telling you what to think about a certain thing, or passing judgement on new albums — hot or not? — but rather in capturing our world as I often experience it, through melodies and words written by someone else.

I’ll always keep the option to subscribe for free, but if you can spare it, $5 a month will make writing this a little easier for me.

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